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Tree Disease, Tree Rot, or Bug Kill can wipe out acres of forest. With aerial mapping the tree areas can be easily plotted on topographic maps for spraying or removal by ground crews to prevent further spread of the disease. 

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Mapping of floods can help establish new flood plain maps that will help in new home construction, levy reinforcement, and new flood control resources being put into place. When the water is at it’s highest level the helicopter is the optimum tool for mapping the perimeters of flood waters. 

Forest Fire mapping is Horizon’s specialty. With the ability to map the perimeter of a fire up to three times per day, the Planning Section can provide precise resources for the fire. With this level of precision mapping, the Fire Officials will know exactly what is happening with the fire at all times. Click here for recent GPS/GIS fire perimeter data.

Property boundaries, proposed construction areas, or proposes orchard / vineyard planting sites can all be done with aerial mapping. Have your current property mapped and over layed on topographic maps to determine elevation differences or just a perimeter. Horizon can provide accurate perimeter distance and total acreage.