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Infrared imaging is certainly not a new technology. Until recently however, the majority of applications were for various military activities. In 1987, Horizon Helicopters decided to research how a FLIR Systems Infrared Camera might enhance service to our electric utility customers. We located faults in power lines, insulators, joints and substations, and continue to monitor their systems. Periodic aerial patrols of remote lines, substations and receptacles have saved provider companies — and their customers — countless dollars by finding problems before they become catastrophes.

Roof Moisture Analysis is a highly effective program that enables building owners and maintenance managers to quickly and accurately isolate moisture damage in roofing materials of all kinds. It is a passive (non-destructive) detection method that saves untold man-hours over conventional techniques. Our real-time IR scan expedites repairs by pinpointing saturated insulation, faulty maintenance or materials, as well as energy losses that often accompany these problems.

Detection and Mapping of Fires is another popular use of the Infrared Scanner. Reduced visibility and rugged terrain can make the mapping of forest fires difficult. A flight around the perimeter of a fire with the Infrared unit records position information and ‘hot spot’ locations. Sub-surface ‘peat’ fires can be readily located and mapped as well.

Other Infrared uses include law-enforcement surveillance/survey, toxic/environmental survey, and in some instances, sub-surface pipeline and storage tank location and leak detection.