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Employment at Horizon Helicopters
(See below for pilot requirements)

Current Pilot and Maintenance Vacancies
as of Tuesday, October 12, 19104

No Current Openings.

During times when no vacancies exist you may still send a resume to:

Horizon Helicopters
7443 Murieta Drive
Rancho Murieta, CA 95683
Fax (916) 354-0911

Pilot Requirements

Our basic pilot requirements are:

1,500 Hours PIC Helicopter;
200 Hours low-level mountain experience above 5,000 feet MSL;
Proficiency in external-load / long-line (up to 150′) operations utilizing vertical terrain reference, with the ability to accurately and efficiently place loads on predetermined spots.

The above requirements are those set forth in several of our government contracts (fire, etc.). Our proximity to the Sierra, and the frequency with which we fly in the mountains demands a thorough knowledge (experience) of mountain flying as well.

For our logging pilot positions, we normally look for 3,000-5,000 hours helicopter PIC (at least 500 hours in type), with considerable experience in production long-line operations.