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Need to lift an air conditioning unit, roof truss or other over-sized unit onto the middle of a large or tall building? Horizon Helicopters can save you money on your next residential or commercial project by placing these units, when the use of conventional ‘boom’ cranes proves to be too costly or impractical.

We do external lift work with loads in excess of 3,500 pounds, including air conditioning units, power/utility poles, cement, mining equipment, and building trusses. Many times, the helicopter is much cheaper, and almost always faster than having a crane do a job. Some jobs can ONLY be done by helicopter, where a crane cannot reach the desired horizontal distance or height, or where ground based equipment would damage new surface areas or sink in mud or soft soil.

The helicopter is well suited to the task. Our proximity to the high Sierra, as well as our positioning in the Sacramento Valley puts us close to the work. We are within thirty minute’s flight-time to nineteen of the surrounding Northern California Counties. That is about one third of all of the counties in the State. We can have crews in and out of remote sites very quickly.

Some of our utility work includes power-line patrol (and Infrared survey) for several utility companies throughout California, remote mountain radio-site transportation, Sierra snow surveys, and even Christmas tree harvesting. Much of our work takes us into the high Sierra, where ground access in the winter can be a real problem — especially with time-critical situations.