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The Horizon Helicopters GPS/GIS Fire data is available to the public and is free of charge.  We would however, like to get your name and agency or company so that we may track our data distribution.  Thank You.

If you have any further questions about the data, or how you can request Horizon Helicopters for your next fire, email :[email protected]

(GIS Perimeter Files)

Files are self extracting exe files containing perimeter data in MapInfo “.tab” format,  and ArcInfo/ArcExport “.e00” format. 

Unless otherwise noted, most file sizes are between 18k and 40k. 

Currently Available Fires:

The Wild Fire – CA, North of San Simeon 
USFS — Los Padres N.F. 
Started 07 OCT 1996 15:00 
Incident # LPF-993 

The Hickok Fire – CA, North of Cameron Park 
CDF — Amador/ElDorado Ranger Unit 
Started 27 JUN 1997 17:00 
Incident # AEU-6744

The Narrows Fire — CA, North of Glendora 
USFS — Angeles N.F. 
Started 13 AUG 1997 13:25 
Incident # ANF-21149 

The Coffee Fire – CA, East of Porterville 
USFS – Sequoia N.F. 
Started 24 SEP 1997 14:30 
Incident # CA-SQF-2838 

The Stonewall Fire — CA, Pinnacles National Monument 
Started 03 AUG 1998 15:00 
Incident # BEU-2661 

The Middle Fire — Rumsey CA,  
CDF – Sonoma/Lake Napa Ranger Unit 
Started 29 AUG 1998 17:21 
Incident # LNU-4447 

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