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How to make UTCClock start automatically and run minimized each time Windows starts up

We’ll make a shortcut to UTCClock in your Startup Menu Folder, and change the shortcut’s properties to run minimized. Here’s how…
Start Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder where UTCClock is installed. This should be C:\Program Files\UTC Clock unless you installed the program in a different folder. The icon for UTCClock should now be on the right half of the screen.
Right Click on the UTCClock icon and then choose “Create Shortcut” from the pop up menu. This will create a Shortcut icon in the file list on screen.
Right Click on the new Shortcut icon and choose “Properties” from the bottom of the pop up menu. This will activate the Shortcut’s Property Window. From the Properties dialog, select the Shortcut tab.
Near the bottom of the Property Window is a “Run” setting. Pull down the menu next to “Run” and choose “Minimized”. Click the OK button.
Move or copy the new Shortcut to the \Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp folder. UTCClock will now start and run minimized when Windows starts.
To cancel the automatic startup, just delete the Shortcut from the StartUp folder.